Many patients take advantage of our preventative treatment programmes. When the worst of their problem is over they attend for treatment on a regular basis, in order to prevent their problem returning and also to encourage the best state of health.

You can only take advantage of this programme by asking to attend our preventative treatment programme every three months, two months, month or fortnight after your next full consultation. This not only saves the cost of consultation if the problem returns but also if any other problems occur.

Patients already on this programme are less likely to have a recurrence of their old injury and find they enjoy a much easier, healthier lifestyle.


Treatment for spectacular pain free results.
P.A.M. (Power Assisted Micro manipulation) is a brilliant new tool, a 'bionic hand' with sensitive and powerful mechanical 'fingers' that help us to help you get better faster.

Treatment is more comfortable and effective than ever before!

Most patients no longer need to be 'cracked' and 'needled' - just PAMed!

Why is P.A.M. is so good?
In almost all the patients I see there are stiff bones and joints and tight muscles close to the bits that hurt. Relaxing the muscles and mobilising the joints relieves symptoms immediately by reducing the strains on the damaged areas. You also heal faster and feel more flexible and rejuvenated. Many patients say they feel 20 years younger after treatment!